A little Rice

Around 27,000 personnel including Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and civil servants have been mobilized for rescue and relief operations.

Over 100,000 people have been rescued to date by formal and informal search and rescue. As of 16 August, more than 100 helicopter flights have taken place to airlift supplies and rescue people’

This is devastating news for a country that has already been through the most harrowing earthquake. The scale of need can make you feel paralysed, as if we can do nothing to make a difference. 

More and more I realise that if everyone does just a little, this can help to make a big impact. This is our philopsophy with our Keep a Child sponsorship scheme – many people giving a little. 

After talking with Ram, our project coordinator in Nepal we decided to do SOMETHING. Giving £1000 will buy enough rice to feed an entire village. So for them, our little has made a difference. The team are distributing 350 x 25kg bags of rice to the affected people in Eastern Nepal. The government asked for this to be done so as not to cause disputes within the community. 

With more people finding out about the work of Operation Orphan we will be empowered to do more, and help more. One step at a time. Each step matters. Each bag of rice will help a family in desperate need.