Fit for Purpose


Kippy gave us an extensive list, from toothpaste to mattresses, which we brought home with us. Then the fun began!

It is really important to us as a charity is that we KNOW we are giving things that are actually needed by the people – not just things we THINK they need. So this list was a brilliant way of guaranteeing that every item in this shipment is going to be fit for purpose. 

Julia from Shetland started a collection in her neck of the woods, knowing that she and her hubby John were driving to Nottingham in July. The donations kept coming. The response was pretty overwhelming to be honest, even Refugee Aid from Taunton heard about it and donated high chairs, cots and tonnes of essential items which Julia and John collected.  A local school, now known as The Lanes Primary School, decided to support this appeal and donated things from the list. 

In addition to this community response, we had donations from some generous companies who donated mattresses, stationery, school furniture and soft toys. 

Thanks to Cubbies for donating hundreds of beautiful soft toys – the children will treasure these. 

Huge thanks to our volunteers Tom & Benji, along with the staff from Silver X Logistics who helped us load the container. 

This really has been a HUGE team effort and we are so grateful to each and every person who played a part in making this possible.