Boots on the Ground in DR Congo

DR Congo.jpg

Brad just got back from DR CONGO last week where he had the privilege of meeting the children we support at Hebron Home.

They all have a tragic story to tell but it is comforting to see them all happy and safe. The team work incredibly hard and do an amazing job caring for their needs and helping them grow up knowing they are loved and part of a family.

It was also wonderful to see how the money donated through Operation Orphan is having a significant and efficient impact. Wisely the team at Hebron Home is generating sustainable sources of income and food from within the country.

We met the lorry we exported a few years ago on its way back to Lubumbashi from the Zambian border with a load of cargo. This business generates good income and our hope is to send another lorry filled with supplies out in the near future.

Donald began cultivating the 40 acre farm only four months ago and already they have harvested a variety of produce, some of which has been sold and the rest used to feed the children. We are investing in 2 water tanks and piping to improve irrigation capacity so crops can grow all year round.

In a country where basic survival is incredibly hard, the team are setting an example of how to love, support and value the life of an orphan. 

A true inspiration!