Maxwell graduates college


Nev Borradaile is the founder of this incredible project and recently had the opportunity to return to Zimbabwe to see how the project has evolved and how well the kids are doing with their learning.

Whilst she was there she caught up with Maxwell. here's what she has to say;

Maxwell completed his course at Marymount Teachers’ College with his final exams taking place last November. It was great to see him. I had the pleasure of being there when he was trying out his graduation gown; the Graduation was supposed to be on 20th July 2018 but has been delayed because of Zimbabwe’s election.                                                                                                                                                            

Unfortunately, like most of the successful students, Maxwell has not yet been employed in a Government Primary School.  There is a financial crisis in the country and the Government Education Department budget does not include building more classrooms or employing enough teachers for the numbers of children at school.  Classrooms have more than fifty students.

However, there is time for him to come to the Amatelaz Homework Centre in the afternoons and help the Primary School children with their Homework. This way he has the opportunity to gain experience in teaching and we benefit from his expertise for a while.