Merry Christmas from Nepal


These amazing people are kind, funny and incredibly resilient.

The goal of the trip was to meet some of the children we have been supporting.  Our contact, Ram, took me to visit them in the homework centres dotted around Kathmandu.  They we excited to see us even before we bought out the chocolates and warm winter hats!  Strangely, the temperature outside in the sun can get up to 24°C, but inside it’s as low as 5°C and at night it gets even lower. They were incredibly grateful for their hats!!


I also met a 13 year old boy, Hiransh.  This boy’s father had died just after the earthquakes in 2015, after a long illness. Ram explained that long term illness gets very expensive in Nepal.  Registration at the doctors costs 500 rupees (a labourer earns about 600 rupees a day) and is only valid for a week.  To collect test results you must make another appointment and then there are additional costs for medication which is only given 1 month at a time.  Each return visit to the doctor requires further registration. So by the time this boy's father passed away the family had spent a considerable amount of money.  His mother worked hard to make ends meet, but could not afford to send Hiransh to school, never mind pay for books and uniform.  Through Ram’s networks he was able to find Hiransh a place at a boarding school in Kathmandu.  The school has generously decided to pay the fees which cover schooling, accommodation and food.  We met Hiransh at school, and were able to see the high level of education provided there.  The headteacher has an incredibly kind heart and is keen to continue doing all he can to help Hiransh and his mum.  We would love to help buy him uniform, books and stationery for his next year at school.  This will propel him into this next academic year, and hopefully one day he will realise his dream of becoming a businessman.

On my next trip I hope to visit the children we support in the far west of the country.  These children’s lives have also been transformed by the generosity and kindness of many who give through Operation Orphan.  Thank you so much to all who give to our children in Nepal, you are making a huge difference in their lives.