Natasha's News


When I met up with Natasha she had two more A level exams to sit and then she would have completed her secondary school education. She was writing Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Natasha had originally wanted to pursue medicine but after some career advice has now chosen to do Pharmacy. Her love of Chemistry and desire to help people makes this profession a good choice. We discussed her university options and she is looking at applying for a scholarship to attend a university in South Africa. The reason for this is that pharmacy and medical training facilities in Zimbabwe are not as advanced as other countries so this would be a wise option to pursue. If this is unsuccessful then a more local option will be considered.

Thanks to the Pink Gorilla fundraiser (Rich), we have enough funds to help Natasha enroll and complete at least the first two years of university. While she waits for her results, we have secured a work placement with a local pharmacy. Mr Kurebwa, the pharmacist, has said he will facilitate her exposure to both industrial pharmacy and medical pharmacy. She will also help work in the dispensary. I am so proud of this young lady who has, like others, made the most of this opportunity and is building her life positively.

There are many more young people who come from a similar background to Natasha that would definitely benefit from and make the most of a tertiary education. This obviously costs significantly more than secondary school so having a commitment from a donor to fund a young person through their studies is the ideal. Please would you consider committing to covering the fees of other orphans we have supported through secondary school and now need the opportunity to attend University or a vocational training college.

Here is an insight into the lives of some of the young people that would benefit from the opportunity.

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