The Three Muskateers


Meet these Three Musketeers.

This picture is precious. It shows three individuals who have fought through life's difficulties. without the support of a parent, day to day things can be difficult.  These guys haven't given up but instead they are making the most of the opportunities they have been given. As part of the Amatelaz Homework Centre, they have received support pastorally as well as through their education journey. 

H “I want to be the first Amatelaz girl to graduate from University!”  She is nearly there!  She has just started her 4th year of a Social Degree - Peace Studies.  Her Attachment Year has been spent at Chitungwiza Community Development Network, Harare. H has been very busy in June and July travelling with her team to speak to women about their rights in the coming election.  She is determined to do her best for the women of Zim.

has always wanted to be a Bank Manager.  Here he is given advice by H and B on how to fill in the form to apply for a place at a University in January 2019.  He wants to starts his degree course in 2019, hoping to bring his dream within reach. the picture shows him filling out his university application (with a little help from his friends). 

started his career dancing and acting on the street for anyone who wanted entertainment!  Now he is a choreographer – planning dance routines for anything from TV to weddings and functions. He's featured music videos and TV adverts as well as on the stage! He is moving towards having his own equipment to hire out  - a full Events Management Company.

We are super proud of each one of these guys.