Blogging about Jogging

As you may have heard, our pioneer Hope Alive Tour run was not ONLY fun but an enormous success.

Grab a drink and relax while you watch this documentary, kindly put together for us by 8Wired Film Productions. Jeremy & crew did a fantastic job of capturing the run.

Big thanks to Michael Scott for organising the tour and to our 12 runners and support team who dedicated their time and effort to make this first ever Hope Alive Tour a success. We learned a lot (as you do with the first of anything) and we look forward to the next tour in APRIL 2018. If you would like to be involved in this or you know someone who likes to run who might be keen, please feel free to share the video and/or put us in touch. Applications are still open for runners to join us in both 2018 & 2019.

In total, our team of runners raised £25,000 which is currently being used to strengthen the care structure of orphans and vulnerable children connected to our projects around the world. We work in 16 countries, helping to keep children warm, healthy, learning and safe.

All of our projects focus on at least one of these areas, some projects focus on them all. Heaven Homes is based in Sierra Leone and currently cares holistically for 58 Ebola orphans.

We put a H.U.G.E. container together for them a few months back and that’s just arrived in country. Lots of people contributed clothing, uniform, baby equipment and school resources which will be a massive help to the community.

Enjoy the film.

Drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to be involved in future.  Let’s keep hope alive,