Forget-Me-Notts Easter 2013

This year Operation Orphan has taken on a UK project called Forget-Me-Notts.

This project seeks out organisations in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire who are in contact with children in or known to the care system. This project aims to show these children that someone is thinking of them and that people do care. At the moment this expression is done through giving chocolates at Christmas and an Easter Egg at Easter. While this may seem like a small gesture the feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive. It does make a difference.

So back in February after much preparation and some slightly urgent phone calls due to last minute price reductions (thanks Sainsburys, making our pennies go further!), Polly, Hayley and I went to collect 937 Easter Eggs from Sainsburys at Castle Marina. We got some very funny looks and had to explain a number of times that it wasn’t all for us!

East Mids Hire have been great throughout this process. Helping with van hire and generally being flexible and letting me book last minute. We really appreciate your support, thank you!

Towards the end of the week we got together with a group of willing and enthusiastic girls from Nottingham Knights Cheerleading Squad and packaged the eggs up ready to be delivered the following week. We are so grateful to the girls and the other dedicated volunteers who came, without them this job would have taken all day, as it was we did it in an hour and a half! RECORD TIME!

Over the following week we delivered out to the different organisations and refuges. Everyone was pleased to see us (always seems to be the case when carrying chocolate!) and they all wanted to make sure that those who helped and donated knew how grateful they were.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved, and especially to Hayley and Polly – you guys have been great and this wouldn’t have happened without you! This Easter there will be nearly 1,000 children across the East Midlands who have received a reminder that they are not forgotten.