Running with Purpose - it could be you!


Here’s James! He’s absolutely shattered but feeling more alive than ever having completed his first ever London Marathon.  He says it is one of the best achievements of his life so far. 

Soon we will be selecting a runner for the 2019 marathon and it could be you! 

If you’d like to put on your running shoes to represent Operation Orphan in this iconic event, let us know by sending an email ( Tell us what’s inspiring you to run the London Marathon and how you will go about raising funds to help our projects.

Do you have a particular project that’s close to your heart? If so, give us some information about that too. We would like to hear lots about you and how you will consider raising our target of £2000 as this will help our selection panel to decide who to give this ONE AND ONLY place to. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

PS - just so that you know - every penny you raise for us will be used to help the children and not a penny spent on UK Admin.  

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